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Fragrance Description:

Top: Green Cactus, fruity melon, sweet pear Middle: White cactus lily, lavender, magnolia Base: Rosewood, earthy galbanum, sand musk.


Top Notes: Violets, Peonies, ripe red raspberries

Middle Notes: Tea Rose, jasmine

Base Notes: Musk, vanilla bean

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon, Creamy
Middle Notes: Vanilla Blossom, Strawberry Blossom, Hint Clove
Bottom Notes: Vanilla, Cocoa Bean, Caramel


Our wax melts are made from coconut soy blended wax and will last approximately 8-12 hours in a wax warmer.  Place cube in wax warmer and turn warmer on.  We recommend warmers be used in 4-hour intervals. 


To change cubes:  Allow wax to cool and pop out of warmer top when wax scent has faded and replace with a new cube.  


Prickly Oasis Wax Melt

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