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Let Us Host Your Next Birthday Party or Group Gathering

Birthday Parties
No Mess or Stress at Home!  Let us host your next birthday party.  Choose from several DIY projects and secure our studio for 2 hours (Party Total Minimum $100).  Bring your own decorations, food, and drinks.  No extra fees are involved - you only pay for the DIY projects that are chosen and completed.  Combination projects are welcome, we can do up to 3 projects in the 2-hour time frame.  Our studio can hold up to 15 participants.
(Price per person)

Pour Your Own Candles - Sm ($16), Med ($20), Lg ($25), XLg ($30)
In our studio, you will learn how to make candles just like we do!  Chose from a variety of scents to blend together and create your own unique scent.  Pick the vessel, measure the wax, pick the color, and blend your unique scent to make the perfect candle.
Sugar Scrub - 8oz ($15), 12oz ($20)
Everyone loves sugar scrubs!  Great for children and adults!  Create your own uniquely scented scrub.  Measure ingredients, pick your color, blend your scents, design your own label, and leave with your own sugar scrub.

Sand Wax Candles -
Sm ($15), Med ($20), Lg ($25), XLg ($30)
Do you remember creating colored sand jars as a child?  We have the best spin on that childhood activity.  Choose your wicked jar and fill it with colored granulated wax to create your own design.  Learn how to build designs into your creation, and then when done, choose your favorite scented fragrance oil to take home.
Kaleidoscope Candles - 

 Sm ($15), Med ($20), Lg ($25), XLg ($30)
You can create these beautiful candles by choosing scented, colored cubes and adding them to your wicked jar.  Once overflowing with cubes, we will seal the candle with clear wax.  When your candle burns, the sides of the candle will begin to look like a kaleidoscope as the cubes melt together.
Build Your Own Succulent / Fairy Garden - 
Sm ($8), Med ($15), Lg ($20)
Choose your favorite succulent to plant, and add stones, moss, colored sand, and accessories to design your own creation.
Paint & Dip Candles - Sm ($5), Med ($10), Lg ($15)
Choose your favorite molded white candle and add a pop of color to it.  Once you have completed your painting masterpiece, dip it in our
melted wax to seal the coloring.  

Bath Bomb Painting ($6)
Choose from a variety of shaped and scented bath bombs to paint and let your creativity soar.  Take home and enjoy in a relaxing bath.
Make Your Own Bath Bombs / Shower Steamers ($20)
Create your own bath bombs or shower steamers by choosing your scent, color, and molds.  Each BB or SS set can make anywhere from 6-10, based on the size molds used.  Each set needs to be left to dry for 24 hours and can be picked up the next day.
Make Your Own Bath & Body Products - 
Soap ($10), Body Butter ($20), Body Spray ($15)
Everyone loves smelling great!  Perfect for children and adults!  Create your own uniquely scented products.  Measure ingredients, pick your color, blend your scents, design your own label, and leave with your own products ready to use.

Adult Group Gatherings
Looking for a location for your next social gathering?  Let us host it for you.  Social groups, moms groups, special celebrations, family groups, etc.  Our studio is the perfect location for you to break bread with friends and family while creating your own DIY projects.  Bring your own food and beverages to celebrate and create.  Alcohol is always welcome for those over 21 years of age.
Youth Group Gatherings
Bring your group to our studio for your next gathering, event, or meeting.  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Groups, Summer Camps, School Groups, Home School Groups, etc. are all welcome.  Choose from our selection of DIY projects and allow us to create a learning experience for your kids.  Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to snack on while creating.
On The Road Parties
Looking for a creative activity for your next party or event?  Let us provide the fun for you!  We will supply all the materials and instructions for the chosen projects, and they can be picked up at our shop prior to your event. Combinations are welcome. All projects are $25 per person. (There is a $100 Material Fee that is returned once extra supplies are returned to the shop - ei. bowls, spoons, fragrance oils, etc.)
Available Projects
Pour Your Own Candles  
Succulent / Fairy Gardens
Sugar Scrubs
Sand Wax Candles
DIY Paint Kits

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